About ZipAid

After being diagnosed with ALS, operating zippers became very difficult.  Being able to utilize ones existing clothing and create a more independent lifestyle was the passion behind the creation of ZipAid.    The more people I spoke to the more I became aware of how many people had similar difficulties with ordinary zippers


Whether it be arthritis, developmental problems or other muscle dexterity issues, it became clear that ZipAid will help many other people around the world.  Working with Roxanne Design, a local fashion designer, it became clear that ZipAid was also a cool fashion accessory as well.  Reaching back to my early days of design, I reconnected with Rehkemper ID,   a local industrial design firm to assist with the design and manufacturing of this amazing product.   We intend to make zipping easier for everyone that chooses to use ZipAid and make life more independent for all those that need something better than an ordinary zipper. We hope that making it easier to operate and be independent  on a day-to-day basis will assist many others along this journey.

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